You have entered a very special casino. This is not your ordinary casino. It's our very own casino. The boom shakalaka casino! BOOM SHAKALAKA!!!!

Why bother? 

Because growing up with only our father at hand, working at the docks and driving a taxi at night, we learned the value of hard work, loyalty and always staying together. When we finally saved enough dough to start our very own casino, we brought those values with us to bring you a, pardon my French, kickass experience! 

So buckle up! From here on, me and Frank (my older brother who thinks he is a bit smarter than the rest of us) will be your new best friends. And just as Frank is my super awesome wingman, the two of us will be YOUR KICKASS WINGMEN!

Our ambition is simple: we want you to stay with us. Like forever. Why? Because you want to. Because it’s freakin’ amazing! 

Try it. Now. You´ll like it. 

Very welcome to the best casino on the globe. Our very own casino.